Is homework good or bad?



It gets confusing and challenging to decide whether homework is profitable, or it should be stopped. Parents ask lots of questions about how their children have lots of assignments to get back home to and complain about their children being too free at home. This leaves the teachers a big decision to make. Is homework good or bad for these children? 

To answer the parents whose questions are all on what advantage the homework has on the children, we will discuss a little about homework's benefits. 

  • At the beginning of each academic session, there is a plan and a scheme to cover. Most teachers have to rush the curriculum in order to cover up the necessary topics. To achieve this, most students get lost in class and can only be helped by giving them assignments.  Teachers can only know if a student is following in the classroom by giving them additional homework. 
  • Going to the classroom to learn is very good, but an effective means of learning is the independent knowledge you have. Students learn in groups when they are in the classroom, but they only show their learning skills alone. This means that homework is vital in showing a student's capacity outside the four walls of a classroom and without their teacher or friends' help. 

Some parents also find it hard to say otherwise about giving their child homework. This means there are tangible reasons why homework can be non-beneficial, which includes.

  • Have you ever come across a student who looks tired and exhausted?  Homework is a clear indication of the cause of such feelings. With the stress that students pass through in school and the regular classroom work, getting back home to do homework could be mean.
  • No doubt, discipline might be the aim of assigning homework to a student, but in a way, homework only deprives a child of other passion and interest to pursue. If the teacher aims to keep the child busy, the teacher must be ready for an all work without play student. I believe you know that it won't help the child in any way.
  • Talking about the parent's aspect. Every parent wants a smart and genius child as theirs. But it will be demanding to come back from work and have to go through the stress of homework with the child. This can be overwhelming and annoying.

The internet is a great help to assist a child with homework assigned in school. Also, the parents have much to do is helping the child find joy in the homework they are given from school. Teachers also have a part to play in the seriousness of the child towards homework. Everyone has to work together to make the child balance school work with homework and other fields to bring about the child's mental and physical development.